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Paris by Night Italian, woman, caucausian, middle class, 36
To describe the rest, instead
the distances between me and what matters
Suggestions #1 -Studio sull'errore

valentina medda

Lives and works at Flux Factory Artist in residence. NYC

Born 05/24/1975


Valentina Medda www.valentinamedda.com vmedda@gmail.com Co Flux Factory 39-31 29th st, Long Island City NY 111101 Valentina is currently living in NYC, where she’s artist in residence at Flux Factory and is working as a Mentor for the NYFA’s -New York Foundation for The Arts and as Visitor Engagement representative for the Sculpture Center. Valentina helds an MA in Philosophy from University of Bologna and a Certificate in Photography from ICP-International Center of Photography, NY. In the last years she has been Artist in Residence at OPEN CARE/FARE -Milan; Centre international d’accueil aux Récollets –Paris, Cité de Arts -Paris; Brussels –Le bains:connective. She received a mentorship from NYFA New York Foundation for Arts; the Master and Back’s Fellowship from Regione Sardegna, the Movin Up Award and the Kodak Color Elite Prize. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally. Among her solo shows: “en donde los dos nos encontremos” –site specific installation, Ayzart, NYC, 2015 ; “Inside the stairs at the edges of my body” –Site Specific Intervention+ Installation and Art Salon/Reading, Flux Factory NYC, 2015; “Il tuo Volto Domani”, Urban Art Project -Public Art Intervention + Artist Walk, Milano, 2014; “La présence” -Intervention on Old Postcards, Centre International d'Accueil et d’Echange aux Récollets, Parigi, 2013; “The remains of the day” -Instax Films, Performative Project, SMELL Festival, Museo della Musica, Bologna, 2012; “La carte” -Photomontage, Cité des Arts, Paris, 2012; Last Time -Performance, PS122Gallery, NY, 2010; “Misplaced Women”,Tania Ostjic Delegated Performance, White Box Gallery, PERFORMA NYC, 2009. Recent articles about her work appeared, among others, in Juliet Art Magazine, Copypastecutlure, Arte e Forma, Corriere della sera, Emergency Index As a curator, she launched her first Working Residency –a project of self designated site specific residency taking place “in Situ” for the time of the project’s realization. In Italy she has been collaborating together with Elisa del Prete -Nosadella2 Residency Program; to the event “InCantiere”, a moment of confrontation between artists and non artists organized as a potluch in private houses.


My work deals with the idea of appropriation –whether it is of a space, a map, a common history or shared memories; as a way to create a sense of belonging and identity. The works I’m here showing are diverse and yet they all revolve around this idea. While in Paris by Night I’m intervening on a real map of the city by deleting the areas I haven’t felt comfortable crossing through as a nocturnal solitary Flaneuse. To describe the rest, instead, is an invitation at exploring the city from a diverse perspective –the one of the line between the sky and the buildings, which have been here cut out of and re contextualized. The distances between me and what matters is a series of 12 psyco-geographical maps where I counted the steps from my home to my points of reference in the city -close friends’ home, my studio, my yoga place and so on; my aim being locating myself thanks to my emotions and measuring the space with my body. The longer distance I crossed was 7794 steps. This number became the number of characters composing a text about arriving, leaving and belonging to somewhere. The text has been cut down in different portions as to match the different lengths counted in steps. It has been than repeated over and over from the shorter distance (161) to the longer one. Suggestions #1 -Studio sull'errore is part of an ongoing series of studies on boundaries. In this case, by retracing the border's stain on the wall, I regain control of a space that has changed due to an external cause (a leak) I had no control on.

Tina Prize - Roma Artists Tina Prize - Berlin Artists Tina Prize - Bercelona Artists